Effective Conflict Resolution And Dealing With Difficult People For Engineers And Technical Professionals

When confronted with a challenging personality or situation, most people will either avoid, confront, or concede rather than engage constructively. This workshop will prepare you to respond intelligently rather than react emotionally. It will help you change your attitude and behaviour, transform your relationships, and not waste time trying to change others.

In this intensive, 1-day workshop participants will gain the knowledge, skills, techniques, and attitude to successfully manage challenging people and relationships in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Deepwater Depositional Systems

This course examines different deepwater depositional systems and considers how deepwater process, topography and sediment supply impact on these systems. The course examines analogue data from turbidite reservoirs and modern turbidite systems. Depositional settings and sequences associated with clastic deepwater systems are reviewed, along with the geological controls on reservoir quality and architecture. It also examines post-depositional process that can have a major impact on reservoir quality and architecture, and considers this within the context of the petroleum system.

Gas Processing (3-Day Course)

This 3-day course covers the gas conditioning and treatment process that occurs in a gas processing plant.
The course will emphasise on the processing techniques and equipment and operational trouble-shooting in relation to gas conditioning and treatment.

Completions: Applications, Types, Installation and Workovers

This intensive five-day course is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of completion equipment and operational procedures required for converting a drilled well into an efficient and safe producer. It follows a practical approach for the various completion types, specific applications, completion installation and workovers.

Understanding The Global Lubricants Business

This course provides a detailed overview of the worldwide lubricants business, its structure, participants, dynamics, economics, markets and prospects. It gives managers, planners and marketers the industry perspectives required to make strategic business decisions. It will also help sales and technical staff understand why their roles are so important. All the trends and future key issues for the lubricants industry will be presented and discussed, on both a global and regional basis.

LNG Bunkering Masterclass

This 3 day intensive course will equip you with a detailed practical grounding in the fundamentals of advanced LNG Bunkering transfer operations. You will learn the practical tools and techniques that can be utiltised to manage risk more effectively and make better practical decisions while handling.

Tanker Charter Party Management

When freight rates are inadequate to meet daily running costs of a vessel, the terms of engagement or the Charter Party must be reviewed microscopically to ensure that all risks are well apportioned and appropriately mitigated. In this two day intensive training course, you will be able to acquire expertise from real life experiences enabling you to deal better with the contemporary challenges facing Oil Tankers today.

Critical Thinking In Geoscience;The Value of Integrated Data Interpretation and the Skills Required to Frame and Solve the Problems

This data driven training course aims to provide a mechanism to overcome barriers and facilitate collaboration, coordination, cooperation and co-creation between the disciplines. We need to step back and rediscover the analytical methods at our disposal and learn how they can be used to solve the problems that we face in exploration and production studies through critical thinking

International Petroleum Contracts

This course will help you develop an in-depth knowledge of the legal and contractual framework in which the upstream oil industry conducts its operations. It opens with an explanation of the geopolitical forces which shape the modern oil industry and then covers the major technical, legal/contractual and financial/economic/taxation/fiscal issues that form modern E&P agreements worldwide.

You will learn the philosophy, evolution and fundamentals of international petroleum contracts. You will take part in life-like negotiating sessions mastering many negotiating techniques, where a mistake is a learning experience not a disaster.
The course continues with an explanation of the principles and strategy of petroleum negotiations and then proceeds to a worked example of the negotiation of an actual upstream petroleum agreement. In the latter, the course attendees will split up into two or more teams. One team will represent the government in the negotiations and the other(s) or more of the IOC’s who are attempting to secure the government and E&P agreement.
The classes include participants from both NOC’s, IOC’s contractors, which adds further realism to the exercises.