About this Training Course 

This intensive five-day course is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of completion equipment and operational procedures required for converting a drilled well into an efficient and safe producer. It follows a practical approach for the various completion types, specific applications, completion installation and workovers.

To enable participants to understand the different types of completions as well as the applications for specific completion equipment including installation and workover methods.

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • List well data needed for well completion activities
  • Illustrate different types of completions
  • Describe the application of different completion fluids
  • Prepare a list of down hole and surface completion equipment
  • Describe the procedure for running a completion
  • Describe different methods of well workovers
  • Identify wellheads, trees, valves and chokes
  • Illustrate subsurface safety valve design, selection and operation
  • Explain packer selection and forces on packers

Drilling, Completion, Intervention, Well Site Leaders, Drill Site Manager, Well Site Manager and related Industry Personnel