Code Date Venue Early Bird Fee Fee
PE1258 15 - 18 Oct 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 5,154 SGD 5,354
PE1258A 15 - 16 Oct 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 3,060 SGD 3,260
PE1258B 17 - 18 Oct 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 3,308 SGD 3,108

About this Training Course

Managing key talent is not without its challenges in the Oil & Gas industry. As senior professionals retire, taking with them valuable years of experience and knowledge, it is critical for you – as the HR champion – to formulate a sustainable plan for succession planning and talent development and ensure that there is no disruption to your workforce’s capabilities. Losing valuable skills without the ability to replace or develop them in younger talents – coupled with attrition – will result in a negative impact on the company’s bottom line, regardless of the current oil price.

This ILM approved course with separately bookable sessions provides an excellent opportunity for Learning & Development professionals in the oil & gas sector to learn from strategic learning & development practitioners with extensive experience in the oil & gas sector and from each other.

By the end of this course, participants will have learnt how to:

  • Align learning & development strategy to the business strategy
  • Leverage the use of competencies in their organisations
  • Develop effective learning & development plans to meet organisational goals and individual needs
  • Understand and apply a series of key steps for successful performance management
  • Develop effective capability improvement processes
  • Design and implement effective learning approaches
  • Measure improvements and optimise the value of learning & development
  • Build effective internal & external partnerships, audit learning & development and apply best practice

Who you will meet at this training course:

  • Line Managers
  • Team Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Learning & Development Executives
  • Talent Development
  • Competency and Capability Development Executives from International and National Oil & Gas Operators, Contractors and Service Providers from across Asia