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About this Training Course 

The reliability of a Plant or Facility determines its performance – process safety, environmental and cost performance all depend on it. It is thus a pivotal driver, which we can use to make significant business gains. Unfortunately, it is often seen as a black art, best left to mathematicians or other specialists. This practical training course will show you that it is easy to understand and explains how to use data from operating and maintenance records and get the results.

By Attending This 5-Day Training Course, You Will Acquire The Following, learn reliability terms, their definitions and its use, practice exercises to determine e.g., MTBF, MTTR, Scale and Shape factors etc. and learn how to use these to determine maintenance strategies and operating philosophies, find out how Plant availability depends on reliability and see how configuration affects the outcome, study different failure distributions and see why these matter. Exercises on spares holdings will show them how to optimize these to meet service level and cost considerations. A number of tools including RCM, RBI, FMECA, IPF, RBD, FTA, ETA, and Modelling will be covered briefly, so that you know what to use where. Failure analysis using RCA will be discussed. The Business Process to manage Reliability Improvement and a roadmap to achieve high performance will be included

Engineers from industries including Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream), Power Generation, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing can apply the learning to their advantage. They can be from Production, Maintenance, Projects, Design and Inventory Management teams. For optimal results, a University degree in Science or Engineering is desirable, as some mathematical background knowledge is necessary. Managers, supervisors or support staffs from different disciplines are all suitable.