Code Date Venue Early Bird Fee Fee
PE1240 21 - 25 Oct 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 5,399 SGD 5,599

About this Training Course 

Well interventions have a large opportunity to enhance well production if correctly designed and implemented. Conversely they can have a large negative impact on production if they’re not.

The Well Intervention & Productivity School (WIPS) is designed to help well intervention specialists, well service supervisors, and petroleum engineers become more aware of the problems that can arise in the planning and execution of well interventions.

This course is designed to make those that attend aware of how their job can directly impact the productivity. Early identification of problems in wells and effective interventions to fix problems can have a significant impact by minimising lost oil through formation damage and non productive time. As well as discussing best practice, time will be made available for discussion relating to specific problems that may be affecting fields operated by members of the class.

The course has recently been updated in the areas of Subsea and HPHT interventions.

This course will equip you on the following:

  • The economic importance of well productivity.
  • An overview of well production – how well produce. The impact of formation damage.
  • Fluids (drilling and workover fluids)
  • Completion architecture and the impact of completion design on interventions.
  • Production problems and how they are identified.
  • Scales
  • Operations
  • Well Intervention methods

The course is aimed at all engineers and contractors involved in the planning and execution of well interventions.
This is a school where engineers and supervisors can hone their skills, especially at a time when increased production is a high priority. In the past, course attendees have been a mix of Petroleum engineers, Well Intervention engineers, Reservoir and Drilling engineers, Production Operators, Wellsite supervisors, as well as Geologists.

In recent years delegates have come from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Experience before coming on the course has varied from no field experience and no experience of planning and programming well interventions through to many years working in well interventions.

In order to be able to best adapt the course to the delegates expectations, you will be required to submit a pre-course questionnaire upon submission of your registration

The course is a mixture of informal teaching and lectures. In addition, group exercises are used to reinforce the subjects covered during the lectures.  This encourages cross discipline awareness, communication and motivates team building.